Why do I need an Accident Doctor?

When you have something wrong with you, you look for a specialist in that area. So for example, if you suffered from tinnitus, you’d see an ear doctor. The same holds true if you have been involved in an accident, you would go to see an accident doctor. This is someone who specializes in treating patients with accident injuries, they are best at what they do in this field. Because accident injuries tend to be soft tissue injuries, an accident doctor specializes in this, and is able to make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis than say your primary physician.

If you have been in an accident, it is very important you see an accident doctor because they provide specific documentation of your injuries which are very important for you and your lawyer.

Who is an accident Doctor?

Any of the following: Chiropractor, medical doctor, orthopedic, pain management, neurologist, or physical therapist. Click here for more information.

What is an Accident Lawyer?

An accident lawyer specializes in accidents, and handle nothing but accidents. This includes auto accidents, falls, slipping, work based accidents and premises liability.

What is Med Pay?

Med pay covers your medical cost. If you have an auto accident, then these medical payments will cover your medical cost. This is very important if you don’t have health insurance or the ability to pay yourself. It covers yourself and others in your car, regardless if the accident was your fault or not.

What is PIP?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and covers medical costs and in some circumstances also covers loss of earnings. It is mandatory in some states. The coverage normally ranges between $1500 and $250,000, covering medical and even funeral expenses. Coverage is also normally extended to those traveling in the auto with you, and can even cover pedestrians struck by your auto.

The beauty is that you will be able to get medical care even if the accident was your fault. Again, if you’ve been involved in an accident, go and see an accident doctor immediately.

What should I do after an accident?

Depending on the size of accident, obviously the police need to be informed, and possible ambulance if any injuries are serious. You need to contact your insurance company to inform them of what happened if the accident was your fault. You will need the insurance details of any other vehicles involved, and if any witnesses were present, ensure the police have these details.

It is always best to be checked out by a doctor, even if you think you feel fine. Often adrenaline can mask any unfelt effects of the accident, only for the effects to come out later. Again, go to your accident doctor too.

Should i talk to the insurance company?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then usually you don’t need to inform them. If it was, or if you were injured, then get to a doctor first and get your injury documented before calling them.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash—or “whiplash associated disorders” (WAD)—is a relatively common injury usually linked with a motor vehicle collision (MVC) during which the head is whipped forwards and backwards (when rear-ended) or sideways (if T-boned).

What is documentation of injury?

Documentation of injury covers all the X-Rays, doctor’s findings, notes, medical records, and anything else related to your injury. It is essential to have a full document of your injuries following an accident in order to be able to claim full and proper compensation. Your accident doctor already knows and understands this, and already has all the relevant paperwork needed in order for you to file a claim. This is why it is essential to use an accident doctor who already knows this, allowing you full peace of mind.